Personalize your office and flaunt your style!

Monogram Mama thinks monograms should be on everything and taking care of business is a lot more fun with monogrammed business accessories.  It is so much more impressive to pull out your monogrammed pen or business card holder than just a plain old pen or business cards with a rubber band around them now isn’t it? 

Receiving a handwritten note on monogrammed stationery is a treat and one that is far too underutilized today.  Adding a monogrammed mousepad to your desk or carrying a monogram clipboard to the meeting is certainly going to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.  Add some personalized flair to your office.  Oh, and just like the rest of our stuff, these personalized office items make great gifts!  Teachers love the clipboards and stationery and so do grads.  The pens and business card holders are perfect for the boss and co-workers will love a little happy in the form of a personalized mousepad!

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