Personalized Favors

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MOD Pattern Monogram Candy Tubes
Looking for something that is chic and made just for your big day? Look no further than our mod patt..
MOD Pattern Monogram Gum Boxes
These mod pattern monogram design gum boxes make an excellent wedding favor for fashionable couples ..
MOD Pattern Monogram Hot Cocoa + Optional Heart Whisk
Attention, chocolate lovers! Our mod pattern monogram design hot cocoa packs are just the type of pa..
MOD Pattern Monogram Lemonade + Optional Heart Whisk
Complement your next outdoor event with our mod pattern monogram design lemonade packs. Create a com..
MOD Pattern Monogram Lollipop Favors
Make a fashionable statement with these elegant mod pattern monogram design lollipop favors. They..
MOD Pattern Monogram Milk Bottles
For a chic wedding favor, look no further than these mod pattern personalized monogram milk bottles...
MOD Pattern Monogram Mini Glass Bottles
Create a classy wedding favor with our mod pattern monogram design mini glass bottles. Accompanied w..
MOD Pattern Monogram Mini Mint Favors
Our mod pattern monogram design mini mint favors are both a fashionable favor and a tasty after dinn..
MOD Pattern Monogram Mint Tins
Offer a timeless wedding favor with a special twist of modern elegance with these mod pattern monogr..
MOD Pattern Monogram Muffin Mix
Nothing beats muffins straight from the oven! Wedding guests can reminisce over happy memories from ..
MOD Pattern Monogram Notebook Favors
Have your wedding in style with these mod pattern monogram design notebook favors! Clean lines and f..
MOD Pattern Monogram Playing Cards
You and your beau are winners at the game of love! Give your wedding guests a game of their own with..
MOD Pattern Monogram Round Candle Tins
Nothing sets a classic romantic mood like floral scented candles. Our mod pattern monogram design ro..
MOD Pattern Monogram Square Candle Tins
They say that scent is the most memorable sense. These fragrant mod pattern monogram design square c..
MOD Pattern Monogram Sugar Cookie Mix
There's no doubt that your wedding day will be filled with sweet memories. Give your guests a re..
MOD Pattern Personalized Baby Candy Tubes
Trying to choose between a classic or modern style baby shower? Who says you can't have it all? ..
MOD Pattern Personalized Baby Milk Bottles
With our mod pattern personalized baby shower milk bottles, you can have a fashionable baby shower t..
MOD Pattern Theme Candy Jars
Add a little bit of vintage to your wedding or special event with our mod pattern theme design candy..
MOD Pattern Theme Candy Tubes
End your next event with a bang by giving your guests a party favor they can enjoy long after they&#..
MOD Pattern Theme Gum Boxes
Your wedding guests will be "stuck on love" after they get a hold of our mod pattern theme..
MOD Pattern Theme Hot Cocoa + Optional Heart Whisk
Give your guests something to cozy up to with these decadent mod pattern theme design hot cocoa favo..
MOD Pattern Theme Lemonade + Optional Heart Whisk
Our mod pattern theme design lemonade packs are the perfect companion to a hot summer wedding. Perso..
MOD Pattern Theme Lollipop Favors
End your big day on a sweet note with these mod pattern theme design lollipop favors. With a just a ..
MOD Pattern Theme Mini Glass Bottles
Send a special message to your friends and family with our adorable mod pattern theme design mini gl..
MOD Pattern Theme Mini Mint Favors
Looking for the perfect "thank you" for your wedding guests? Our mod pattern theme design ..
MOD Pattern Theme Mint Tins
You and your beau were "mint" to be! Share the love with your wedding guests by sending th..
MOD Pattern Theme Muffin Mix
Mix things up at your next event with some mod pattern theme design muffin mix favors. Just select f..
MOD Pattern Theme Notebook Favors
Today is the day that you and your other half get to share your love story with friends and family. ..
MOD Pattern Theme Personalized Milk Bottles
Your guests will be taking stylish swigs when you serve them a refreshing beverage in one of these m..
MOD Pattern Theme Playing Cards
You and your beau played your cards right. Now, you can give your guests a chance at a winning hand ..
MOD Pattern Theme Round Candle Tins
Our mod pattern theme design round candle tins are not only a memorable favor, but they are also a w..
MOD Pattern Theme Square Candle Tins
Accessorize your upcoming nuptials with these mod pattern theme design square candle tins. Our fragr..
MOD Pattern Theme Sugar Cookie Mix
Sweeten up your soiree with these mod pattern theme design sugar cookie mixes. These sugar cookie mi..
MOD Theme Silhouette Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers (Set of 24)
Are you a baker with an unbeatable sense of style? No matter what the occasion, our mod theme silhou..
Modern Floral Monogram Small Cling
A monogram is the perfect way to leave your personal mark. Centered around your monogram this collec..
Modern Floral Monogram Small Sticker
A monogram is the perfect way to leave your personal mark. Centered around your monogram this collec..
Monogram Round Travel Candle Tins
Coming up with a theme for your wedding reception or bridal shower can be difficult at best, but you..
Notepad Favor With Personalized Lavish Monogram Cover
A clever favor option for book lovers. These Miniature Book Notepads with Lavish Monogram Personaliz..
Ornamental Baroque Monogram Favor / Place Cards
Add your names and your wedding date over your last name initial on the ornamental baroque monogram ..
Ornamental Baroque Monogram Stickers
These ornamental baroque monogram stickers are a great way to leave your mark on your favors, decora..